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Internet Research: Gathering information Efficiently and Wisely. The medical care we can provide animals and ourselves has improved immeasurably because of the Internet. But it's important to remember, anyone can publish a Web site and anyone can say just about anything they like. Here are some hints to retrieve quality information on pet health care while immediately discarding the bad.

  • What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine? From the pages of the American Holistic Veterinary Association.
  • Find other holistic veterinarians around the country who are members of the American Holistic Veterinary Association.
  • Find a Veterinary AcupuncturistFind an IVAS certified veterinarian
  • Gold Bead Implant Directory Gold bead implants are an extension of an acupuncture procedure. They provide acupuncture and long term stimulation of acupuncture points on a permanent basis. The gold beads which are smaller in diameter than 1/16'' are implanted at various sites either subcutaneously or in the muscle bellies. These sites of implantation are acupuncture points and in some cases reactive points which merit the implant. 
  • Find veterinarians certified by The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.  Founded in 1995, the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy is comprised of veterinarians who share the common desire to restore true health to their patients through the use of homeopathic treatment. Members of the Academy are dedicated to understanding and preserving the principles of Classical Homeopathy.
  • What conditions can be treated by veterinary chiropractic? Find veterinarians certified by the American Veterinary Chiropratic Association.
  • Dr. Betsy Hershey DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)  is a board veterinary oncologist who is able to offer the best of conventional and holistic cancer treatments.
  • What is nasc (National Animal Supplement Council)? Look for the NASC logo on veterinary products from companies that voluntarily conform to trustworthy quality control standards, honest labeling, and responsible adverse event reporting procedures.
  • What about acupuncture in people? Here you can find articles providing information regarding commonly asked questions about Acupuncture and its effectiveness with certain conditions. These articles are made for the general public and are made to be easy comprehensible.
  • Holistic Healthcare Library - Holistic Healthcare Library is provided by a commercial company selling a variety of  holistic pet care products. It is full of helpful information about various topics related to natural pet health care, including specific diseases and health conditions. You may browse using the subject list in the drop down box or search for articles using the search box. Veterinarians providing this information have also listed various holistic products that may help with each condition and are available for purchase from this site. Always remember that it is not possible to successfully treat your pet without an accurate diagnosis by your veterinarian. All Pets Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic gets a small % of any purchase. The proceeds are used to help maintain this website.
  • Medline Plus Herbal Medicine Trusted health information for you from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health.
  • PDR Health While this is a human medical site it gives consumers plain-English explanations for the safe and effective use of herbal medicines and nutritional suppliments.
  • Quack watch - This is an interesting site that hopefully is also monitors conventional medicine.
  • SkeptVet is a site that questions the validity of alternative medicine while overlooking the short comings of 'conventional' veterinary medicine. Never the less, it is a good site to check the conventional biases against holistic modalities. Hopefully in the future they can add to their usefulness by evaluating conventional medicine also so you can make a real informed decision.


  • Chinaroad is a very interesting nutritional website from down under...Australia that is.
  • Barf Diet Mythology Balanced raw food diets MAY be ok if carefully managed but you be the judge of the mythology behind the BARF diet. Information on more Raw Meat Diets There are many reasons not presented in these papers for the need to use more nutritionally balanced non traditional food sources in out dogs and cats. ASK ME Contact Us
  • Nature's Variety Raw Frozen Diets   for dogs and cats are the first and only raw diets that have been scientifically substantiated as complete and balanced for all canine health stages with an AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trial. Human grade ingredients from USDA inspected facility and made in EU Approved, Certified Organic processing facility (USDA National Organic Program). They also produce freeze dried raw, canned and kibble diets with hearty grains or grain free plus lots of other useful information and feeding guides.
  • Darwin's Natural Pet Product's are natural, grain-free raw foods for your dog delivered right to your door. 
  • Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. provides all-natural, wholesome meals without preservative or by-products.
  • Fresh Pet fresh refrigerated dog and cat food for optimal health.
  • Bravo provides the broadest line of fresh frozen all-natural raw diet products. All products are processed in their own USDA inspected facility to ensure quality, freshness and purity.
  • How Natura Pet Products are different: No pet food company in the world makes natural pet foods like Natura. We use only high-quality ingredients: fresh meats, whole grains, all-natural fruits and vegetables, and complete vitamin and mineral supplements. For us humans, a diet of natural, wholesome food is essential to living a long healthy life. We believe this fundamental principle is true for your pet, too. All of our dog and cat foods are carefully cooked and tested to ensure consistent nutrient quality and enjoyable texture and taste. And we never add artificial ingredients, chemical additives, by-products or fillers of any kind. For questions on our organic dog food, healthy dog and cat food, and gourmet dog treats, please contact us today.
  • Primal Pet Foods is a San Mateo, CA, based manufacturer of fully prepared, 100% human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Primal Pet Foods was founded with the goal of improving the quality of life and overall health and happiness of pets through wholesome raw foods that mimic the diet of animals in the wild.
  • Stella & Chew's is the first line of raw frozen and freeze-dried dinners and treats for dogs and cats that is Certified Pathogen Safe for families and pets.  
  • The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated all natural dog and cat foods let you create fresh, natural meals for your pet in the comfort of your home
  • WellPet is a Family of Natural organic foods for your dog and cat.
  • Wholistic Pet Organics is a complete source for healthy, all natural, holistic & certified dog, cat, bird and horse pet food and supplements.
  • Wild Kitty Cat Food raw cat food offers the best nutrition available for your cat. Our foods are 100% Complete and Balanced: Wild Kitty Cat Food brand Chicken and Clam Recipe, Duck and Clam RecipeSushi and Conch Dinner, andTurkey and Clam Recipe for cats exceeds the nutrient levels established by AAFCO.
  • Gluten free diet for it important.
  • - Diet is the brick and mortar of health.  This web page, hosted by holistic veterinarian Lisa A. Pierson, lays out some often-ignored principles of feline nutrition and explains why cats have a better chance at optimal health if they are fed a canned food diet instead of dry kibble.

Parasite Control

  • Fleabuster system for flea control that kills fleas physically rather than with conventional or herbal chemicals.

Vaccination issues

  • UC Davis Vaccination Protocol Holistically it is more important to prevent than to treat. Vaccinations started as a shamanistic practice shunned by main stream medicine. The practice has now come full cirlce to be shunned by the holistic community. UC Davis is a highly respected School of Veterinary Medicine. Most Vet Schools and major veterinary associations are finally following the lead of pioneers such as Jean Dodd DVM, Ron Schlutz PhD and others, including the holistic veterinary community, in calling for a reduction in the number of vaccinations and recommendations against annual boosters. These recommendations are not "chiseled in stone" and should be discussed with your veterinarian. There is at least one vaccine manufacturer now producing vaccines scientifically proven to last multiple years. Ask your veterinarian.  Nosodes that are touted on many holistic sites are utterly worthless against the serious life threathning diseases that affect our pets. ASK MEContact 

Other issues

  • Natural Veterinary Dental Care Pet owners know their four-legged best friends have teeth, but usually do little to keep them healthy. As the mouth is the entrance point of food into the body, it's important to keep your pet's teeth and gums clean and strong. Examining the teeth monthly is helpful. Most dogs and cats are happy to let their owners peek inside the mouth to look at the teeth. Home dental care can be the best gift you can give your pet.

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