Welcome to All Pets Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic Internet Mall. Here you can find a variety of herbs, supplements, homeopathics, etc. for your pet. There are also an interesting variety of other items from books, to clothing and much more! Always remember that it is not possible to successfully treat your pet with holistic, natural products without an accurate diagnosis by your veterinarian.

Vetri-Science Laboratories of Vermont has been offering quality nutritional supplements to veterinarians for over 25 years. We take pride in offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Vetri-Science has over 40 products to choose from for a variety of patients and conditions. It is imparitive to remember that the highest quality nutritional supplements are not going to be helpful without an accurate diagnosis of your pets condition and should only be used after a diagnosis by your veterinarian.

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Standard Process Supplements are made from whole food ingredients that deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form. Food combinations that create synergistic effects. Glandular support for natural cell and tissue repair. Phytonutrients that may serve as antioxidants and support a healthy immune response. All manufactured with the same high standards as our human supplements. We deliver nutritional complexity as nature intended. You already know Standard Process for the high-quality supplements we offer. But did you know how accessible they are, especially given the realities of a hectic schedule? From placing your supplement order online to receiving your shipment at your doorstep, living a healthier life is easier than ever, thanks to our newly upgraded patient ordering platform. It’s called Patient Direct by Standard Process, and it was created with one thing in mind: you. And making your life easier. Products must be ok’d by your veterinarian. If you are a client of All Pets Acupuncture & Holistic Health Care please contact us to discuss the Standard Process Product(s) you are interested in and to get the Patient Direct Code. If you are not yet a client we work happily with your regular veterinarian. Contact us to establish a doctor/client/patient relationship. If you are using the products for existing health concerns then a diagnosis and supporting diagnostics from your regular veterinarian will be required along with e-mail or phone consultation. Depending on the complexity there may be consultation fees.

While we carry Standard Process products, neither APA&HHC nor any third party associated with, related to, or linked to APAHHC business or website is in any way affiliated with Standard Process Inc.® Standard Process expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties regarding, any statement,information, materials, or content found on or included in APAHHC marketing materials/website, or any third party marketing materials/websites related to, associated with or linked to our business or website. Standard Process products are dietary supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Natural Partners is a safe and convenient way to shop for practitioner trusted brands of vitamins & supplements.

All Pets Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic’s Vets First Choice carries a large selection of Therapeutic and Wellness diets (Clinicare, Eukamuba, Purina, Royal Canin, Iams, Marshall, Zupreem) mailed directly to you. You will also find a wide variety of non-prescription vitamins and suppliments as well as Pet Gifts and Accessories all delivered right to your door step.Contact your conventional veterinarian for all your conventional flea, tick, heartworm preventatives and prescription medications.

Hypo-allergenic Nutritional Supplements. I have use these products for 20 years and am happy to now be able to offer them to you in our Internet Mall Stores. Pure Encapsulations is committed to producing the most complete line of science based nutritional supplements. Products contain absolutely no hidden fillers, coatings, artificial colors or other substances that would disrupt or diminish the bio-availability of the ingredients. Additionally, formulas are free of wheat, gluten, preservatives or hydrogenated oil. The guidance qualified of a health professional (your veterinarian) is essential in order to maximize the effectiveness of Pure Encapsulations professional strength supplements. Always remember that it is not possible to successfully use supplements to treat your pet without an accurate diagnosis by your veterinarian.

Try iHerb.com for a vast selection of brand name natural products including individual herbs, supplements, homeopathics, essential oils, essences and MORE for your PET and for YOU TOO (food, teas, personal hygiene and much, much more). This site has over 16,000 plus natural products from over 600 brands.

THE FIRST TIME YOU PLACE AN ORDER ENTER THE CODE: ZEN166 when you are checking out and receive a $5.00 discount off of your first order. Once you order you can set an account and receive a code to hand out to others and receive additional discounts for yourself as well. Shipping is free if you order over $40.00 dollars of product or there is a small $4.00 shipping fee if under $40.00. They also offer additional flexible shipping choices.

iHerbs.com’s success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers.

They provide numerous free non-commercial databases and links for Natural and Alternative, Medical and Health Concerns.

Since 1873, Washington Homeopathic Products (WHP) has manufactured and sold a complete line of high quality homeopathic products. Today their line includes: single remedies, combinations, remedy kits, Bach Flower Essences, ointments, and books. WHP complies with the good manufacturing practice (cGMP) policies established by the US Food and Drug Administration and the HOMEOPATHIC pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). All Pets Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic is offering a link to WHP for your shopping convenience in finding a variety of single and combination homeopathic remedies. They also offer a line of pet specific combination remedies under Critter Corner then Homeopet.

For specific recommendation and help in finding the appropriate homeopathic remedy for you pet here is a link to veterinary members of The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Some veterinary homeopathic practitioners are available for fee based phone consultation.

Chinese herbal formulas for pets by Kan Herb Company are formulated by Dr. Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, MSDM, LAc. , Dip. CH and are NOW available through our internet mall. To order, it is necessary to contact Dr. Armer (928-634-2707 or statewide 888-634-2707) and have an account set up in your name and the product ordered specifically for your pet. You pay Kan Herb Company and the product is delivered directly to your door. In most cases, it is necessary to be a client of All Pets Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic. In some cases all that is necessary is to have your regular conventional veterinarian (RDVM) fax pertinent records for your pet (1-928-649-1309) and then you set up a phone consultation with Dr. Armer. If more information is indicated Dr. Armer will contact your RDVM. In some cases it may be required that Dr. Armer actually do an in person evaluation of your pet. Please call for more information (1-928-634-2707 or statewide 1-888-634-2707) or fax information to 1-928-649-1309.

Once your account is set up click here to order Kan Essentials herbs for your pet from Kan Herb Pharma Center.

Learn eye care information with natural approaches to vision problems, eye health and other health problems through nutrition, diet and lifestyle. While this is a human site, they work with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Beatrice Ehrsam, to develop natural recommendations for you.